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My daughter’s passport expires in Dec 2011. She is 15 now. I am renewing all my families passports now so we can travel in the winter and my daughter is going to Europe with her school in April 2012. My daughter turns age 16 in April 2012 so will her child passport I get now only be good for 5-6 months and then I need to get her an adult passport? Or can she continue to use the child passport for the five years like they do in the UK?

You can apply for your daughter’s passport using the ?Passport application for Canadians under 16 years of age?. Your child would receive a full validity passport with an expiry date of five years from the date of issue, and this will not be subject to any change when she turns 16 years of age. A passport issued to a child has the same format and validity as a passport issued to an adult.

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