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My Canadian passport just expired. I have been divorced for several years and my passport was previously in my married name. I have since changed back to my maiden name and my driver’s license reflects this as does my birth certificate. Can I use the simplified passport application? My son’s passport also just expired which was under his father’s name. I have legally changed his name to my maiden name. I assume that he can not use the simplified passport application.

You must apply for a new passport (Adult General Passport Application). You would not qualify for the ‘simplified Renewal Application Process? due to your name change request. On your application you must provide at least one valid government-issued ID with your new name request and signature, for example a Provincial/territorial/state driver’s licence

If your son is under 16 years of age, you must use the “Child General Passport Application” form PPTC 155 and, if applicable, ensure that all documents regarding custody or mobility of, or access to the child are submitted.

Please visit Passport Canada for more information or call direct: Toll free: 1-800-567-6868

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