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My boyfriend is Australian, I am Canadian. We have been dating for a year and a few months now with a baby on the way. He’s currently in Canada with me on a work visa but they only gave him one year which will come by fast. They only gave him one year instead of two because we didn’t realize his health insurance is only for a year instead of two. We are common law but not married and we don’t want to get married for the simple fact of this visa we want it to be natural. I can’t sponsor him as I’m currently on mothers allowance because I cannot work as I’m at high risk and I want to be with my baby. What can we do? I am getting scared of losing him or him losing anytime with our daughter

Whether or not you can sponsor him depends upon whether or not you’re on “social assistance.” If your benefits come from welfare, then you cannot sponsor him. If you are off work due to your pregnancy, you can still sponsor him.

If you cannot sponsor him, he will have to apply for a work permit extension.

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