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Live in Dallas, TX. Passport expires Nov 11, 2011. Business travel to the UK scheduled for early November, coming back mid November. Understand that I can fly up to Canada and get processed in 24 hrs at certain locations, but wanted to know if I could get the same processing time in the U.S. (and if so, where – at the Embassy?). Thanks.

Applications must be sent by mail or courier to the Gatineau office in Canada. The average processing time is 20 business days (not including delivery time)

If you require the passport is exceptional circumstances you would need to contact the government of Canada office located in Dallas:

Address: 500 N. Akard Street, Suite 2900, Dallas, Texas, U.S.A., 75201
Tel.: (214) 922-9806
Fax: (214) 922-9815

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