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I have joint custody of my daughter a Canadian citizen with a Canadian citizenship card. At present she resides with her mother in Ontario but from the end of December 2016 she will reside with me. My ex-wife is refusing to give me any identity documents for her including her citizenship card. How do I obtain a duplicate Citizenship card for her or go about obtaining the document from my ex-wife?

You cannot obtain a duplicate citizenship certificate for your daughter. Depending upon the age of your daughter, maybe your daughter should hold on to her own IDs. If she is not old enough, you should ask your ex-wife why she is unwilling to give you the documents. If your daughter is younger than 16, you cannot apply for a Canadian Passport for your daughter on your own – your ex-wife needs to sign the application form as well. If your daughter already has a Canadian Passport, you cannot travel outside of Canada with your daughter without your ex-wife’s permission. Either way, you should tell your ex-wife this. There’s no risk of you taking your daughter out of the country.

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