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I’ve got a PR card that doesn’t expire until 2020 – however, I got married this past November (outside of Canada – in the US; I’m American). I just changed my US passport to reflect my new last name, but don’t have time to change my PR card as we’re travelling to Europe next month. I know that I can bring my marriage certificate with me and shouldn’t have too much of an issue getting back into Canada, but my question is: for my PR card application, it says that if you’re married outside that you must submit your passport and an official document showing your change of name. I called CIC and was told that they only need a copy, but from what I’ve found on different CIC websites it looks like they actually want my real passport and marriage certificate. Is that correct? I know for people married within Canada, they only ask for a copy, but it doesn’t say that under the “married outside of Canada” portion. Will they mail back both my passport and marriage certificate, if they actually want the real ones?

Submit a copy. If they do want to see your original they will invite you to an appointment at an IRCC office to verify the document.

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