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I’m a U.S citizen and also a Canadian permanent resident I’ve lost my pr card but have applied for another one it won’t be here in time. I’m planning to visit the U.S. Can I return without my permanent residence card? Also can I apply for a Permanent resident travel document ahead of time from Canada so that by the time I reach the states its ready? I’m only planning to visit a week I doubt it will reach me in time if I apply once I reach. Thanks for any help I can get on this matter.

As an American citizen, you do not need a PR Card to travel to Canada. You should bring other proof of your status with you if you have it (such as a copy of your Record of Landing) in case you are asked. We would also recommend you bringing a copy of your PR Card renewal application, if you have one, as that will show the CBSA officer that you are renewing the card. Don’t worry about getting a travel document.

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