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im new in Canada 4 month only and i have pr but i want to travel and i need travel document but i want to get my travel document in short time so what i have to do and im living in Calgary Alberta i want to go to Sudan ? So how long it will take my travel document?

If you have not yet received your PR Card you should wait to receive it before you travel to Sudan because it will take a minimum of 3 weeks for the visa office responsible for Sudan (which is located in Rome, Italy) to process your application once they’ve received it.

If you already have your PR Card, you do not need a PRTD to return to Canada, just your PR Card and passport.

If, however, your question is about a Refugee Travel Document instead, whether or not you can apply for it and use it to travel to Sudan depends upon which country you fled from. If you fled from a country other than Sudan, you can apply for a Refugee Travel Document to travel back there.

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