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I’m a naturalized Canadian, and due to the necessity of taking care of my elderly mother, I’ve been residing in Europe for the last 2 years. My Canadian passport expired last month, and I’d like to renew it from outside Canada. I have a small business in Canada, which I operate via the Internet. I file my tax returns and pay taxes to Canada. Last year, I submitted my 2014 tax return electronically having indicated in it that I was a resident of Canada as of December 2014 although I had resided in Canada for fewer than 6 months in 2014. I also indicated in my tax return my most recent home address in Canada, paid the balance owing, and it was processed without any problems by the CRA. I also have my most recent Canadian address registered with my Canadian banks and other government agencies as I perceive my extended stay outside of Canada as temporary. Now while completing my simplified passport renewal application form, I’m scratching my head not knowing which home address I should indicate in Sections 1 and 5. As for Section 1, I presume I should indicate my current home address in the country where I’ve been residing for the last 2 years so that my new passport be delivered to me. Correct? But what about Section 5 requiring me to list all my addresses for the last 2 years? Should I indicate that my current home address outside of Canada has been the same for the last 2 years? But what if Passport Canada contacts the CRA, for instance, and finds that they have had my Canadian address on file for the last 2 years? Will I be penalized by Passport Canada and/or the CRA in this case? What would you suggest I should do in this situation?

Answer the questions honestly. Passport Canada and Revenue Canada would need your permission to communicate with each other if, for some reason, they needed to.

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