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Im from Malaysia, but i never been in Canada before, im intend to enter Canada and working there with my wife and two children,my question is, should i apply a work permit from Malaysia or just apply PR, and we can be a permanent residence?may i know the link how to apply the PR online? It easy to apply PR if we never enter Canada before?

You can’t just apply for permanent residence online. Immigrating to Canada is significantly more complicated than you are assuming. Based on what you’ve told us, you have two options, provided you qualify for either:

  1. Work temporarily:
    1. Get a job offer from a Canadian employer
    2. Get a Labour Market Impact Assessment
    3. Get a Work Permit
    4. Come to Canada OR
  2. Immigrate permanently:
    1. Create an Express Entry profile online, provided you qualify
    2. Receive an Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residence, provided you qualify and there aren’t more capable candidates above you in the pool
    3. Apply for Permanent Residence
    4. Come to Canada


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