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I’m just wondering and curious if it’s possible or not. I am a married woman from the Philippines but my ex-husband and I has separation papers but almost annul. I have a boyfriend for two years now and he’s a canadian citizen. What I’m trying to ask if, is it possible for him to sponsor me as a tourist even if I only have separation papers for now? And also, would it be possible if we can get married in Canada when I have my papers finalized already? (let’s say, I’m visiting him through Tourist Visa) and is the marriage would be valid in the Philippines if ever we get married in Canada? Do I have to return to the Philippines after the visa expiration even if we got married before the visa expires?

Your boyfriend can invite you as a tourist – anyone can invite you as a tourist provided they can establish some kind of reason for the invitation. But he cannot sponsor you for permanent residence until your marriage is officially annulled.

Once your marriage is legally annulled you can indeed marry in Canada. A legal marriage in one country is usually recognized in all or most other countries though in many cases you’d have to get the marriage certificate translated into the local language and have that translation notarized.

If the sponsorship application has not yet been submitted when your entry stamp is expiring, you must leave the country. If you submit the sponsorship application first, then you can stay.

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