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I’m Canadian and am living with my boyfriend from Holland. We have all ready submitted our application for family class PRV under common law. In several months his visa in Canada expires We are going to apply for a visa but if that gets denied (he has all ready been here on a visitor visa and a working holiday visa) he will have to go back to holland. As we are applying common law do I have go with him so our common law is not broken?

First of all, he does not need a valid visitor visa if he is not intending on leaving Canada during the application process. The visa is a travel document and is not required if he is not travelling outside of Canada.

If he wants to study or work, he can apply for a study or work permit during the application process.

If he doesn’t need to work and doesn’t want to study, there is nothing he needs to do until you receive a decision on the application.

If the decision is positive, he will become a permanent resident.

If the decision is negative, he will have to leave Canada.

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