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If I am renewing my Canadian passport, does the application for a NEXUS card become a separate issue and what is the general turn around time to get a NEXUS card. Born in Alberta, live in Alberta 50+ years? Thank you

To renew your passport please visit Passport Canada

The application for a NEXUS card needs to be submitted separately. To qualify for NEXUS you need to be a ?citizen or permanent resident of the United States or Canada, have resided in either or both countries for the past three years and who pass criminal history and law enforcement checks?.

You can apply to NEXUS online using the Trusted Traveller Website.

Once the application is submitted it takes on average 3-4 weeks to receive an approval notification from Canadian Border Services Agency. If you are approved you will need to attend an interview at one of the Nexus Enrolment Centers. After the interview it takes on average 10 business days to receive the Nexus Card.

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