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I recently became a Canadian Citizen and have a certificate of citizenship. However CIC made a mistake on the certificate. My middle name was shortened (even though I specified on the citizenship application form that I want my complete middle name on the certificate). It takes 5 months before I can get a new certificate. I am travelling in a few months and I need a passport. Can I drop my middle name and not include it in my passport application? Or should I use the name exactly how it appears on my citizenship certificate?

You can attempt to drop your middle name on your passport, but Passport Canada will see your name as it is on your citizenship certificate, and may issue it with that name instead. You could always write a letter to accompany your application explaining the situation and hoping they listen to you. Or you could ask the staff when you drop off your Passport Application as to whether or not you can drop your middle name, just use the initial, etc.

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