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I just received by Study Permit which is valid till July 2019. My 3 year old daughter who will accompany me has a TRV which is valid till March 2019 in accordance to the expiry of her passport. My questions are : 1) Does she need to apply for a new TRV so that she can be with me till July 2019? 2) If we renew her passport now will she need to re apply for a new TRV or the one that she has valid till March 2019 suffice?

So the visa is a travel document, which means that it is proof your daughter can travel to Canada until March 2019. If her passport wasn’t going to expire, it’s entirely possible she could be admitted longer than through March 2019.

However, because her passport will expire, it’s very likely she will be admitted until the date of her passport expiry. So yes, she should apply for a new passport. She doesn’t have to apply for a new TRV as long as you enter Canada before March.

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