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I have landed in Canada from USA borders in 2010. Spent 2 months and left back with my driver licence and SIN card. My PR was sent to a lawyer address who changed his mind and asked me to change the address after new strict laws! I did but the PR never arrived to my friend address. The lawyer failed to use me buy paying heavy monthly payment to certain family against using their address in ended up playing me. Two years passed and don’t know what to do. Can’t go back to Canada before 2/2016 as I am still student in USA and for strong family reasons. What to do in order to keep my residency. Shall I go to the consulate and report the lawyer . Shall I report the PR as lost. Really don’t know and can’t afford any lawyer fees.

From your description, it sounds like you no longer have Canadian Permanent Residence status. You can attempt to contact CIC to see what your status is, and you can learn some of the ways to do that in this article.

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