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I have an Aunt living in USA for the past 50 years or so, she is a Canadian citizen with a permanent resident card. Her Passport has expired. We are now trying to figure out does she need a Canadian passport or a USA passport. I live in Canada, so if she needs a Canadian passport, could I go to my local Passport office with all her documents for her. This way she wont have to mail her license and other documents away and wait the extra time. We are wanting to travel at the end of July 2015

f she is a Canadian citizen with an American Permanent Resident Card (i.e. a Green Card) then she can only apply for a Canadian Passport.

If her passport expired less than one year ago, she can submit a ‘simplified renewal’ application and she can mail it to you and you can drop it off at Passport Canada office. However, you will not be able to pick up the passport for her.

Mailing usually only takes about 20 business days, so she still has time to apply from the United States.

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