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I have a very bizarre situation. In 1974 when I was six years old I became a Canadian citizen. At the time my citizenship card was issued with a misspelling of my first name. The card was issued under the name but my correct name was [redacted]. I never bothered to have it amended all these years. Now I am applying for a new driver’s license under my married name and they are telling me that since I was not born in Canada I must produce a citizenship document (passport not acceptable). Since the citizenship card is incorrect, they want to issue my driver’s license with the incorrect spelling of Monica Sayers. This is absurd. I need to find out how can I get my citizenship card amended to reflect the correct name so I can obtain my driver’s license with the correct spelling. All of my other ID (SIN card, passport) have the correct spelling. It seems obsurd that I would have to do a legal name change for something that was issued erroneously 41 years ago and coming back to haunt me now.

You need to replace your citizenship card with the new citizenship certificate. You will have to provide the government-issued IDs showing the proper spelling of your name (one needs to be a photo ID).

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