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I applied for an eTA for my mother. I used the procedure of ‘applying for someone else’. When I got the email conformation of the eTA approval, the only information given was: my name with my mothers passport information. There is no PDF file attached to check all the information. So I am wondering if I made an error or is the eTA in my mothers name but in the email mine? If I apply again for my mother with the same passport number, it may be rejected. I tried contacting eTA via forms, but I got no clear answer. It’s frustrating because she cannot travel with ease and we have bought the tickets!!! I just need to confirm that the eTA is linked to her name!!! how can I do this?

Unfortunately the only thing you can do is continue to submit inquiries until you get a clear answer. When you show up at the airport you will get a definitive answer, they will either accept it or not.

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