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I am to enter Canada by Aug 2017 on my new PR status. It was a spousal sponsorship and we have been living outside Canada for more than 12 yrs. My husband is a Canadian non resident. Is it mandatory my husband enters Canada with me? If I enter Canada on PR stamp does it make my husband an automatic Canadian resident or can he still maintain his non residency status if living abroad? If after I receive my PR card, I decide to live abrriad for another 2 yrs with my Canadian husband, I understand the time is taken into consideration towards PR residency in Canada. plz confirm. Does it also mean my husband becomes a tax resident of Canada? Again when I receive my PR status, do they automatically cancel my visitor visa for Canada which I hold? Can I enter with my visitor visa when I enter Canada after PR?or is it only on PR card? 

As your husband is a Canadian citizen, he does not need to travel with you when you land in Canada. However, given that you are gaining PR due to spousal sponsorship it could look very weird to the border officer if your husband is not with you.

Your landing in Canada has no affect on your husband’s residency though, presumably, as part of the sponsorship application your husband pledged to move back to Canada with you. Regardless, your immigration status and your husband’s tax status are not connected.

Yes, you can live outside of Canada with your Canadian citizen husband and not violate the residence requirement.

You will lose your visitor status when you become a PR. When you land as a permanent resident, you will complete the PR Card application. The PR Card will not be issued for six weeks. If you leave Canada without your PR Card, you have to have it sent to you.

Please note that your intentions, though they do not violate the letter of the law, appear to violate the spirit of the law. Sponsorship is for people intending to live in Canada.

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