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I am living in Saudi Arabia and I’m Lebanese citizen. my wife went to visit her sister since 4 month in Ottawa, and she delivered our new baby girl . she got the birth certificates and applied for a passport. They requested her to get my signature from the Canadian embassy in Riyadh. I went to the Canadian embassy to sign the requested application but they told me I’m not Canadian and I can’t enter the embassy, can I know what is the correct procedure to process my daughter passport. My wife already applied for the passport and took the receipt and sent me a copy of it to visit the embassy but as I mentioned previously there is no respond from the embassy until today that I can go inside and stamp or compare my signature.

You need to sign the passport forms as well. If you haven’t, and Passport Canada knows of your existence (through the birth certificate, for example), the application will be rejected.

You may have been instructed to go to the embassy to sign because they would be notarizing or authenticating your signature in English.

We have no idea why they wouldn’t let you access this service. If the passport application is rejected, we suggest that you print off the application yourself, sign it and then mail it to your wife for her to complete the rest of it and sign it as well.

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