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I am Indonesian and my boyfriend is Canadian citizen. We are planning to get married soon in Canada. My visitor visa and my passport will be expired in February 2018. Is that possible to have the legal marriage and church ceremony before my visa expired? How long to get permanent residence inland and out land from Indonesia? After marriage, if I apply my PR inland and before my visa expired, can I extend my passport in Canada (Vancouver)? What visa can I use to staying in Canada after my visitor visa expired? Can I get work visa while waiting my permanent residence? If I apply PR out land from Indonesia, and my visitor visa already expired, can I still go to Canada to visit my husband while waiting to my PR (means that I should apply new visitor visa)?

You can get married immediately, you just need to apply for marriage license.

The official processing time is 12 months, regardless of whether its outland or inland.

If Indonesia allows you to renew your passport in Canada, then you can do it in Vancouver or anywhere else.

You can apply for a work permit as part of your inland sponsorship application.

If you are doing outland sponsorship, you need a valid visitor visa to visit your husband in Canada.

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