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I am a Singaporean citizen currently living/going to university in Canada. I currently hold an expired PR card. I applied for a renewal in December 2016 and have been waiting for it since. I got notice that I’ll need to travel to the States in 2 weeks which is shorter than the 20 business days it takes to get the required travel document. I was advised to travel to Gatineau, Quebec where they process the travel documents and request a rush order which can be completed in a day. I’m trying to make sure this is the correct place to go and that the correct form for me to complete is the PPTC190 – of which was instructed to me by someone at IRCC, but that was on Friday and as it is the weekend now, I can’t call to confirm with anyone. Any tips for me would be much appreciated.

If you are driving to and from the US, you can use your COPR to re-enter. If you are flying, the best thing to do would be to change the return flight so that it flies to the closest US city near you, and then get a friend to come pick you up by car, so you can drive across with your COPR.

We don’t know if the trip to Gatineau would be worth it. We haven’t heard of anyone successfully doing so.

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