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I am a permanent resident of Canada who travels often to my home country to work. I observed that each time I am leaving Canada, the airline check-in agent asks for my PR card and enters the data on their computer. Why do they do this? Also, each time I return to Canada, does the self-service kiosk store my PR card details at the point of scanning, or it is merely to check if my card is still valid to allow me enter Canada? Lastly, how does IRCC cross-check the residency days claimed by a PR during their renewal application? If there is a discrepancy between IRCC records (if any) and the applicant’s claims, how is this resolved? And whose records stand – IRCC or applicant?

If it’s the same airline as the return flight, the airline might be checking to make sure you can return to Canada. Without a valid PR Card, they’re not supposed to allow you on the return flight. (If it’s not the same airline, we are not sure why they are doing this.)

We cannot comment on what a airline does with this data.

When you apply for a new PR Card, you are asked to consent to CBSA sharing your information with IRCC. If you agree, CBSA shares your entries into Canada with IRCC. IRCC uses this data plus stamps in your passport to try to figure out if you were where you said you were. If they are not sure, they will ask you for more proof that you were in Canada. If it comes down to what they believe versus what you say, your status could be investigated further.

Canada do not yet have exit visas so, at the moment, it is only entries shared with IRCC. Once exit visas are introduced (and they are coming, due to an agreement with the US), they will know more from CBSA, and will not have to request additional information.

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