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I am a fillipina working as a temporary working visa for one and a half year now.Ive been living with a boyfriend who is Canadian citizen with 2 kids and separated with his wife for two years now.we’ve been living together to now under one roof .Can he sponsor me to stay if my contract is over and the immigration denies my papers to work here after my present contract is over which is next year February 2016.? If He files for divorce today ,are we considered common law? By the way my boyfriend is convicted or pleaded guilty of mischief two years ago,now Hes on bail of raping his wife which I am a witness summoned to appear this November .Does that weakens or affects everything?

It sounds like your boyfriend is ineligible to sponsor you due to his criminal record. Depending on exactly what he was convicted of – and whether or not he is convicted of this current charge – he is likely ineligible.

You should try to apply for permanent residence as a live-in caregiver.

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