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I am a Canadian citizen and my fiancé is from Pakistan living in Saudi Arabia for work. We have been trying to be together for a year and a half now but we can’t seem to make that happen. I visited him in Dubai to try and get married but they would not allow us to. He also tried to visit Canada 4 times and got rejected each time. We now have a 3 month old baby that he has never seen. Please help I don’t want to travel to Pakistan to marry him because I don’t want to take our baby that far by myself. Is there anywhere else that we can go that’s not too far for me to travel? And also why do he keep getting rejected? He does not have any record of crimes against him so we do it understand.

Many countries allow two people to marry without a residence requirement. So you have three choices:

  1. Marry in Pakistan and then sponsor him for permanent residence (outland)
  2. Marry in some fourth country where there is no residence requirement for marriage (or a short one), such as any number of European countries, and then sponsor him outland
  3. Submit a “conjugal” sponsorship application wherein you claim you are unable to get married because
    1. He has been denied a visa to Canada four times
    2. You were prevented from marrying in Dubai.

Note: the third option is extremely difficult and they will wonder why you didn’t marry in Pakistan and may reject the application on those grounds.

His application has likely been rejected because they are worried he will stay in Canada once he travels here. He has likely not provided enough proof of his ties to Dubai.

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