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I am a born Canadian and my girlfriend is from the UK born there too. we are looking to get engaged this year and married over seas in a different country (outside of Canada) the following year. she wants to move to Canada once we are married or possibly sooner if able to once engaged. – how does the process work? as for getting a marriage license and certificate as we need proof of marriage for a the sponsorship applications to Canada. – will she be able to come to Canada with me once we are married or will she have to go back to the UK? – when should we start the process of sponsorship?

If the marriage certificate is in English or French, you may need to get it authenticated or legalized, but otherwise you can use it for the application. If the marriage certificate is in another language, you’ll need to get a certified translation for your sponsorship application.

If your future wife has an eTA, she can come to Canada before you submit the application (this is called “inland” sponsorship). If she cannot get an eTA, you have to sponsor her outland.

You should submit the sponsorship application after you are married.

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