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How can I expedite the process of the issuance of Canadian Citizenship Card for a child born outside Canada to a Canadian mother, I was told the office is in Nova Scotia, but I am not sure?

In order to have it expedited, you must have a valid reason of urgency. Every urgent application is evaluated on an individual basis; however the following are usually accepted:

  • The card is needed for immediate travel to or from Canada because of death or serious illness in the family (travel itinerary, flight tickets needs to be provided with your application).
  • The card is needed to prove your Canadian citizenship status for employment.
  • You need a citizenship certificate to access certain benefits such as a pension, a Social Insurance Number, or health care.

Visit ?Citizenship & Immigration Canada? for the required application form:

Once completed, include all the required documents with the application, and write ?Urgent ? Citizenship Certificate (Proof)? clearly on your envelope. Include an explanation of why you need urgent processing and any supporting documents.

Mail your fully completed application to the Case Processing Centre in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Please note if you live outside Canada, contact the Canadian embassy,high commission or consulate responsible for your region.

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