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Hi, my passport has expired and i am in Florida. My father died and I need to travel to Canada for his funeral, how can I get my passport right away?

To apply for a passport, visit Passport Canada’s website Passport Canada’s website and fill out an interactive application form. You may also print out the form and fill it out by hand. Application forms may also be obtained in person at any Government of Canada office in the United States.

The average processing time is 20 business days. Due to your circumstances it is recommended you contact your local office Miami:

United States – MIAMI
Consulate General of Canada
Address: 200 South Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 1600, Miami, Florida, U.S.A., 33131
Tel.:(305) 579-1600
Emergency toll-free to Ottawa: 1-888-949-9993
Fax:(305) 374-6774

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