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I was granted a record of landing when I was 3 years old. however I left Canada and in my home country for 17 years . Returns to Canada at age 20 year 2010 in order to keep my status. However the process was taking long so I left cause I had little info and didn’t want to over stay. return on a vacation this year 2016 and had no problems entering. Does that mean I lost my status and can I apply for a PRTD. If not what steps can I take?

Something is seriously wrong with this picture:

  • If you landed at 3 and left for 17 years, you should not have been able to re-enter Canada as a permanent resident. If you were allowed in, it was only because they did not know you were still a permanent resident. (If you have information that contradicts this, you should ask for clarification from an immigration consultant or lawyer. For example: if you were allowed to maintain your status for humanitarian reasons.)
  • Not remaining in Canada at age 20 in 2010 almost certainly doomed you to losing your status. Had you stayed in Canada for over 2 years at that time, you could have kept your status by applying for a PR Card some time in 2012 or 2013.
  • Given that you were allowed to return to Canada in 2016, it seems as though you are not a Permanent Resident. You should look in you passport to confirm this: is there an entry stamp?
  • Based on the information provided, you are not eligible for a Permanent Resident Travel Document or PR Card as it sounds like you do not have permanent residence status in Canada. However, if you have omitted crucial information, we could be wrong about that.
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