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Got my PR yesterday (Feb 4) but already have a trip planned to LA on Feb 18th. Before the PR status, I was on study permit and S-1 visa which were valid until Dec 2016. I won’t have my PR card for another 3 months or so, and I can’t apply for the PRTD in LA because I only go there for 3 days (weekend) and they don’t open. Also, my trip is only 2 weeks from today. I have a Mexican citizenship (visa required for entering Canada) and the agent voided my student permit when he gave me the PR but I believe he didn’t cancel my S-1 visa. Can I come back from LA with that visa, or what do you suggest me to do?

Even though the CBSA officer may not have cancelled your visa, your visa is cancelled in the system. It is not longer valid. You have two options:

  • Stay in LA until you get the travel document;
  • Change your flight so that you fly back to the American airport nearest your home in Canada and drive back to Canada – you don’t need a PR Card at the border.


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