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Good day. I applied for my PR card renewal and since CIC had concerns about my residency issues the process took longer than expected (over 15 months) but I was recently informed that our cards (me and my wife’s) have been issued and sent to the local office. According to CIC agents the office will then fix an appointment for us to pick up our cards within the next 6-8 weeks. Due to an urgent matter I need to travel outside Canada. I have informed CIC of this but they did not expedite the process. Now my questions are: -If we are not present in Canada to pick up our cards what options would we have? -Can we assign an immigration lawyer to act on our behalf (i.e. collect our cards) and/or maybe expedite the process before we depart Canada? -What happens if we miss the appointment? I do realize that obtaining a travel document to travel back to Canada is an option but I also know that the process can also take months so we do not wish to go down that road.

You have to pick up your cards in person, no exceptions. If you travel without it, you should bring a copy of the application to apply the temporary travel document. You should contact CIC to see if they will hold your PR Card during your travel.

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