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I have a girlfriend in Canada who i plan to marry soon after i come to Canada as an international student for the first time. My questions are: 1. Can i marry her immediately (in 1-2 weeks) just after arriving to Canada on student visa. Will this raise any issues later of not fully disclosing my intent to come to Canada. 2. Because the tuition fees is very high, i don’t plan to be enrolled in School to complete the program and plan to drop off the university once my spouse sponsors for my PR. Will this cause issue later during the PR approval process. The only reason i applied for Student visa is because i want to apply as inland within Canada and getting visitor visa is very tough from my home country (student visas are relatively easier). I cannot really want to study in Canada and just want to enter Canada as a student and then drop off during the first semester (after my spouse sponsors me inland). I know my intentions seem wrong but i am left with no choice as: 1. I don’t want to be separated long from my girl friend/spouse to-be (if she sponsors me when before i come to Canada, there is 2+ years backlog from my home country) 2. The chances of me getting a visitor visa are very slim from my home country 3. I cannot afford pay full tuition fees to complete the program (i already have degree from my home country) and such wont be able to maintain student visa for throughout the program


Let’s try to answer your questions:

  1. You can marry your girlfriend the moment you are in Canada – there is no residency requirement or other requirements as to length of time spent in the country, however each province does have slightly different marriage requirements and you should familiarize yourself with the correct requirements before travelling to Canada.
  2. Travelling to Canada on a study permit in order to get married and sponsored would likely be considered “misrepresentation” and therefore immigration fraud by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Will they find out? It’s hard to know. But if they do, you could have your sponsorship refused, or lose your PR status (or even citizenship, if you become a citizen) if this is discovered later.
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