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My fiance’ and I are permanent residents since October 2016. One month before that she became pregnant. We are still in the USA to finish up on moving but she has a special OBGYN doctor and we want the baby to be delivered by her in the USA in April 2017. That means the baby will become an USA citizen. We are planning to permanently move in June 2017 (about 2 months after the baby born) I know there is a visa waiver for US citizen but would we have any issue in bringing our new born to Canada? Would we be able to sponsor our new child for permanent resident? If so, should we start the process as soon as the baby born, from the USA or until we come back to Canada? I think they call it outside of Canada filing and inside of Canada filing.

If she has the baby in the States you will have to sponsor the baby but, given that it’s a baby, you should be allowed to enter with the baby and sponsor the baby from inside Canada. You should get a doctor’s note from the OBGYN saying that the delivery needed to happen under his or her care.

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