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My fiancé is from Montreal and we plan on marrying soon. Once we are married, I plan on returning to Montreal with him. What would be the requirements for him to sponsor me while I’m there and how long will it take? Additionally,after reading some of these questions, I gather that I may be able to apply for a work permit once he has submitted my sponsorship package. Would the decision to grant this work permit hinge on an LMO or would it be granted since I would already have a submitted package? (I would like to be able to work and help out financially if possible while I await my PR card)

To answer your first question: you will have to prove your relationship. Marriage is the best way to do this, but you should write a letter about your relationship, get testimonials from your friends and family about the seriousness of your relationship and submit pictures…lots of pictures. This article has some information on the kind of things you should submit.

As to your second question: no, you do not need an LMIA (the new name for LMO) to apply for that work permit. Learn more.

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