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I am a family physician, I received my PR card 4 years ago, after which I had to rtn to UK as both my parents are over 75 and quite frail, during the next 4 years they underwent different medical procedures and were never stable enough for me to leave them. I am their sole carer. My registration with Canadian Medical authorities is underway and I am planning to enter Canada and hopefully take a job as a Family Physician soon before my PR card expires. My problem is I don’t at all meet residency requirements for the renewal of PR card and I might have to travel back to UK to see my parents in the meantime before I manage to meet the requirements. Is there a way out or will I be fixed for 2 years in Canada after entry once I am in or lose the residency status otherwise?

Your status is already in jeopardy as, in theory, a CBSA agent could discover you are not able to meet the residency obligation before your current PR Card expires and you could have your status revoked. Given that you are a British doctor, that is unlikely, but it’s not impossible.

The only possibility of getting around the residency obligation in this case is a Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds appeal, which would have to be filed from inside Canada.

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