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My family and I landed in Vancouver on Feb 2013 and return to my country 6 months later. Our PR are valid until Feb 2018. We are planning to return to Toronto about 6 months before PR expiry. Will I have any problem with work after the expiry? What kind of proving evidence do employers need to prove that I am allowed to work in Canada? When can we get our renewed PR? Is there any possibility to visit my country after the expiry?

Let’s answer your questions:

  1. Some employers may accept an expired PR Card as proof of status, but it’s unlikely (unless they are familiar with the rules, which is unlikely). You will need to provide a copy of your Record of Landing or Confirmation of Permanent Residence (or a Verification of Status) in order to prove your status in Canada when your PR Card is expired.
  2. You need to stay in Canada for two years, at minimum, before you can renew. The minimum requirement is 730 days in each 5 year period, but just barely meeting this requirement will cause delays in your PR Card renewal application. We would recommend waiting three years, if you can, in order to avoid delays or an investigation into your status.
  3. If you leave Canada before you have 730 days within a five year period, with an expired PR Card, you may lose your permanent residence status when you apply for a Permanent Resident Travel Document, which is mandatory when returning to Canada without a PR Card. If you have at least 730 days in Canada, you should be issued the PRTD when you apply for it, but you’ll have to apply for it regardless.
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