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We are a family of four with PR cards to expire in early Feb 28, 2016. We will also be traveling to the US on March 26, 2016. So, we applied the renewal of our PR with an attachment of our travel itinerary in March. My son and daughter got their renewed PR cards a week after we submitted our renewal application in January 2016. However, mine and my wife’s application status remains in process until now. Three questions: 1) I am attending a business conference in the US next week for two days (Feb 10 – 12, 2016), can I still use my existing PR card due to expire on Feb 28, 2016 for entry? 2) Are there reasons why my wife and my applications were not processed along with our children? 3) It is reasonable to expect our renewed PR cards prior to our family trip to the US on March 26, 2016?

To answer your questions:

  1. Yes, you can use your existing PR Card until it expires.
  2. Presumably they were opened later, but I don’t know. If you’ve travelled more than your kids since the last time you renewed, it’s possible they’re looking into whether or not you both met the residency obligation.
  3. It’s reasonable – you have 6 weeks – but you should call CIC and explain why you’re calling (i.e. you’ve received two of the four PR Cards).


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