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I am currently married but separated. I am in love with a Moroccan man and want to be with him. I sent him a letter of invitation but he was denied a visitors visa because he dont have family in Canada (we recently found out he has a cousin in Montreal) not enough funds and never travelled before. I am agoraphobia so its almost impossible for me to go to Morocco. I love him so much and he loves me. What can we do to be together?

First, you need to get divorced. If you are ever going to sponsor him, you’ll need to be married to him, or common-law, so you need to get divorced.

He can try applying for a visitor visa again, this time with a letter from his cousin in Montreal, but it will be tough now that he’s had that first refusal.

You may need to travel to Morocco to marry him; or, if you can both travel somewhere that will be less stressful to you, that could also work.

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