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I am CSQ and got PR visa in November. I planned first with my family during my son’s Christmas holiday (Dec 23 – Jan 5). Due to no direct flight to Montreal, I booked flight to Toronto, since it is holiday, we will spent 7 days there then another flight to Montreal. We will leave Montreal on Jan 5 back to my origin city. My agent insisted this will be give me troubles while landing, the worst scenario is my PR status will be revoked. Since change itinerary will cost me a lot (flight, hotel…), but what my agent said really worries me. What is your comment?

You will experience two problems. The CBSA agent will ask you

  1. Why are you spending time in Toronto before travelling to Montreal where you are ostensibly settling?
  2. Why are you returning to your home country?

If you can provide satisfactory answers to both questions, you might not have an issue. However, you will need a PR Card to return to Canada later and that will only be mailed to a Canadian address which then leaves you with a problem of how you will travel back to Canada.

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