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I am a citizen of the US and my Fiance is a Citizen of Canada. We want to get married but are unsure if we should get married in Canada or US. Which is easier? We both want to stay citizens of our own countries since we only live 1 hour apart and both have children. Do we have to pick one country to live in or can we get married and still take turns visiting each other every week like we are currently doing?

In Canada and the US, marriage requirements vary by region – they vary slightly by province in Canada, and they vary a fair amount by state in the US. Look up the marriage requirements where you both live and see which is easier. There shouldn’t be too big a difference in requirements.

Because you are citizens of Canada and the US, you are currently okay to travel back and forth. However, you should know that there is considerable political support in the US for making it more difficult to enter the US from Canada and it come become easier for the Canadian half of you to travel to the US regularly in the future.

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