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I am Canadian and just recently returned home from a working holiday in Australia. I entered a relationship with an Aussie and lived with him for 6 months there. He is planning on coming here to Canada and we wish to get married. In the long run we would like to return to Australia where I can work legally and live. I’m not sure what the appropriate chronological steps are in order to fulfil this. -I would just like to know what the easiest way is to get him here so he is able to legally work. -How long he is allowed to stay after we get married? -Do I have to sponsor him?

As an Australian (I assume, a young enough Australian), your boyfriend is eligible to come to Canada on a working holiday visa, just as you travelled to Australia. He can work here if he gets that visa.

He is allowed to stay as long as his visa / work permit is valid. It has nothing to do with whether or not you’re married.

If you want him to stay permanently (longer than the validity of his working holiday program, or, if he gets a work permit extension after the IEC has expired, for more than a few years), you need to sponsor him.

If you will be returning to Australia sooner than that, you do not need to sponsor him.

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