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i am Canadian my husband is american. we were married for 4 months and then separated due to long distance..we both work on private super yachts…we have been separated since march 2015….i brought up the subject of divorce and he ignored me…. he never put in one effort into helping me with green card which was a huge stress on our marriage…mostly because he could not support me via affidavit because he had not filed his taxes for 8 years…..i did not know this before we got engaged and then married….big red flags went up when he started saying things like i was using him for his green card …i realized later the only reason he was saying that was because he did not want to submit any personal information to the government….. wow anyway…everything turned very sour and we did not speak for months and months until i decided it was time to file for divorce…he was unable to be contacted via phone, email, Facebook, etc., and would only contact me to fight or call names… i made the decision to go into the courthouse alone…not really knowing what i was doing or how to do it and file for divorce and have him served with papers to his parents house. i received a nasty voice-mail about a week later of him stating in his own vulgar way that he had heard about the papers…. i have finally received in the mail the paperwork from the state marshall of where i had the papers served which i need to take into the court. this presents me with an issue…i do not live in the state of Florida any more and i do not know if he does either…..please help……i want this all to be put behind me….if you would be interested he emailed me for the first time in 4 months and you will be very dishearten by what it says…

I’m not sure what the question is, but if you need to file the papers in Florida, I guess you have to file the papers in Florida.

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