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i am Canadian citizenship and my husband a refugee in Thailand. 5 month ago i went back to visit him and got married. now i am back in Canada but only had marriage certificate paper from refugee camp. i am planning to sponsor him in Burma because he’s originally from there. right now he had Myanmar passport. can you give me any suggestion what should i do right now? we really want to be together. some say it’s hard for him to come. i only spend two month with him after marriage. was it easier for me to just go back and live there with him? what should i do?

Sponsorship is a complicated process and you need to prove to the satisfaction of the Canadian authorities that you and your husband have a genuine relationship, rather than a relationship of convenience. If all you have is a marriage certificate and two months of cohabitation, that might not be enough. You will need to provide more evidence of a relationship, including photos and communications. If you go back and live with him for a while longer, and then return and apply, that will probably make your application more believable.

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