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I am a Canadian Citizen and I sponsored my wife for a PR. She landed in Canada and stayed there for a month. I am now working outside Canada for a North American Company which took me from my Canadian point of origin. My question is, can my wife live with me outside of Canada since I am working outside of Canada? If Yes, in this case, will the days be counted for her as if she is living in Canada for PR Card renewal purposes?

Yes, your wife can count her days outside of Canada with you towards her days in Canada for permanent residence status, as well as for applying for citizenship.

When she renews her PR Card, your wife will have to demonstrate that

  1. she is married to you;
  2. you are a Canadian citizen;
  3. she was living with you the entire time she was outside of Canada.

Any days she spends outside of Canada without you will count as days outside of Canada.

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