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I am Canadian Citizen married to my Wife from Argentina, we are married since Aug 1, 2015. An PR Application has already been submitted in January this year. My question is can she apply for regular visit to Canada meantime or it’s waste of time and wait for the PR? she just wants to visit that’s all, I have been there several times already.

Your wife can indeed apply for a regular visitor visa during the process. She’ll need to prove to both IRCC (formerly CIC, the visa-issuing authority) and CBSA (the border agency) that she will return to Argentina before her visa expires. Usually, this requires her to submit proof of her “ties” to Argentina, such as a lease or deed, proof of employment, proof of bank accounts, and so forth. But, in this case, in addition to these documents, she should write a letter stating that she will return to Argentina in order not to jeopardize the sponsorship application.

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