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I am a Canadian citizen married to an Indian citizen. My wife got her PR in Jan 2016 when she was in Canada with me on a visitor visa. After getting PR she applied for PR card. But since she already had a return ticket for Feb 7, she left for India on 7 Feb. Now she will have to apply for a travel document to come back to Canada. But she also has to get her last name changed as per my last name. Her passport( Indian ) has already my name as spouse. My question is- 1. Should she apply for new Indian passport with married surname before applying for Travel Document?( in this case her last name will be different from her last name in Record of Landing Paper) 2. Also will she face any difficulty in getting Travel document due to name change ? 3. Will there be any difficulty in boarding the flight to Canada from New Delhi?

  1. It certainly seems as though she should deal with the PR Card situation before changing her name on her Indian passport, as otherwise she may have problems proving that she is a Permanent Resident.
  2. Yes, she would. She’d have to provide a marriage certificate/name change and other identification. They may even ask her to change her record of landing first.
  3. If the travel document is in a different name than the passport, you can expect difficulties boarding the flight.


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