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I am a Canadian citizen living in Morocco. My partner is from Senegal also living in Morocco. I want him to Canada with me each summer where I/we can work then live in Morocco/Senegal the rest of the year. What would be the best way to bring him to Canada? On a visitor visa, or on a worker’s visa? I would like us to continuously be able to come back to Canada each summer. Is there a multiple entry visa so we don’t have to keep reapplying each year? And would being married help our situation? If so, would it be better for us to get married prior to applying for the visa? Or would it be better to make that one of the reasons we are coming to Canada, for our wedding? Is it a stronger case if we are already married? If eventually we do get married, and he wants to apply for PR, does this mean he would have to stay in Canada for a certain amount of years? Or could we keep going back and fourth around the world and only live in Canada for 5 months in a year?

Let’s try to answer your questions:

  • If your partner has no intention of working in Canada while you’re both here, there’s no point in applying for a work permit.
  • Multiple Entry visas are becoming the norm. He can apply for one. You will have to demonstrate that you will both be returning to Morocco (or Senegal) and that you have ties there, so that they do not worry he will overstay.
  • Sponsorship is for people who intend to reside in Canada. If you only intend to reside in Canada five months a year, you will not be able to sponsor him. The gist of it is: once he’s a permanent resident, he can live with you overseas (provided it’s documented) and not lose his status in Canada, but in order to sponsor him, you’ll have to prove you’re going to live in Canada. Normally we do not recommend applying for sponsorship when the sponsor is living overseas. Also, sponsorship can take anywhere from a year to over 2 years.

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