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I am a Canadian Citizen, female gay. Me and my former high school mate reconnected and we fell in love, she lives in Bahrain and married to a Bahraini man for over two decades. She only married him for necessity, she stayed in the marriage because she was under controlled by her husband. they have no children. She wants to come to Canada to be with me and leave her husband and divorce him. Can she file a divorce here in Canada?

If your girlfriend is also a Canadian citizen, all she has to is come here. If she is not a citizen, she will have to get a visa or eTA (depending on her citizenship) and come here. It’s much more complicated if she’s not a citizen.

Basically, she needs to live in Canada (or another country with similar divorce rules) for long enough to divorce her husband. In Canada, she needs to be here a least a year before a court will take the separation seriously. (Though a divorce lawyer may be able to tell you of other ways she can apply for divorce, than just waiting.) If she is not a citizen, she cannot stay here as a visitor for a year straight – she has to leave after six months, though she can return immediately.

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