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i came to July 2011. along with my family. but my wife medical condition was not good she went back in 2011, Dec. I also went back in 2012 Nov. Her condition was not good and she got expired in 2014. my kids were 4 and 5+ so not easy to leave them. I got married in 2015 July. And spending 9 months with new wife. feeling satisfied that my kids are comfortable with her. I came Canada in Apirl 2016. MY PR card expired in Sep 2016. I spent more than 1095 days out of Canada. So what should I do to renew my PR card so that I can call my kids and wife early.

You need to wait until you have more than 730 days in Canada in the last 5 years but we recommend waiting until you have 1080 days in Canada within in the last five years.

If your kids were permanent residents when you all went home from Canada, they are still officially permanent residents now (unless you renounced their PR status). You will have to renounce their statuses first, before you sponsor them again. If you sponsor them without renouncing their status, the application will be delayed.

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